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Time Out.

Sometimes it's hard to be me. I don't know any other way to be me. Sometimes I'm a little to the left of naughty, which is another word for being a “creative” person. Most of the time I'm fun, love to laugh and am very nice. It's good to have choices. I remember, some of us "well-seasoned women" chose to lift up our petticoats, fling our shoes on the grass and we all danced in the water fountain in front of a ritzy hotel until some cranky woman called to us, "act like adults and get out of the fountain!" It's one of those times being a little to the left of naughty got us put in a "Time Out". No regrets. We were told to change our attitude. Our thought was this could take a while. The smell of pizza was an incentive to get out of the naughty corner. Sometimes I just have to break out of being a grown up and act out creative choices. I like the idea I have choices in life. When my attitude puts me in “Time Out”, I’m in good company with my other girlfriends. A life filled with laughter is a good one. What has put you in “Time Out” and was it worth it?

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