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All Those Candles!

I am a "well seasoned" (a fancy word for a person who has lived thru lots of experiences) woman who has several candles on her cake. Next year, I might have to submit paperwork for a "burn permit" with all those candles that cost more than the cake. I've had highs and lows in my life. What I have taken away is, life's experiences take us on a journey that makes us who we become. Sometimes I have enhanced the quality of someone's life, sometimes its been my life that has been enriched. I often wonder where I would be if I would have chosen a different path. The long and short of this is, enjoy every day and live it in the present. This is the gift. You are the gift. Celebrate your "gifts" with others. You never know how you life might furnish the missing puzzle piece that effects someone else and resets their compass to live their best life! And so it is!

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