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Let The Stinkin' Thinkin' Begin!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I tend to overthink things that just require a spontaneous yeah! or no way! Sometimes I don't think at all and realize ____ was a dumb thing to do. Have you ever overthought something and the opportunity just passed you by? Do you wonder what would have happened if you had taken a leap of faith and hoped there wasn't a pile of cow-poop when you landed? ChaCha Chablis had this fun idea to jump in the local water fountain outside the Lacey city offices at 2 in the morning. We all thought that would be fun and harmless. I hadn't done anything fun in a while and so we four went in our swimsuits on and a ratty old beach towel in our arms. We laughed in unison all the way down to the fountain feeling pure abandonment. What the heck, our motto is "We congregate with or without notification or approval". Anyhow, we all decided to take a chance and have some harmless fun. We all jumped in the water fountain and very quietly shared our secrets. We shared how we know that life is in divine right action (another word for things happen when they are supposed to).

We decided that we had had enough fun and after about a half hour of sharing our hearts, we started to get out when we noticed a single flashlight with this shinny badge of some type behind a harsh, deep voice. "Aunt Chardonnay Noway, you and your friends get out of the water fountain right now, dry off and go home!" It was Barry, Chardonnay's son who worked for the police department. Divine right action had happened again! A police officer that wouldn't give us a ticket, like the other one did, but a warning to act our age. We did get out, we did dry off, thank Barry for not ticketing us and home we went, laughing so hard we had tears running down our legs.

My question to you is, have you missed out on opportunities or have you just stopped with the thinkin' thinkin' and said, "Yeah"?

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