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Do You Want Be The Girl Boss or Be Employed By The Girl boss???

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

I appreciate a tidy office, home and car. If I'm not the one cleaning it, I appreciate the people that clean up after myself. It takes a patient person to clean up after someone else. I know one of these housekeeping people. She tells me one of her clients (not me) to put away certain things because she won't touch "it". I’d rather not know what “it” is. If given the choice to be the boss or being bossed, I choose to be the Boss. I'd like to decide where I want things to go or leave that scrap of a drinking straw wrapper on the floor, just where it is. When I'm in charge, I get to choose how I spend my money. I get to choose what color I splash on the wall and what I want to wear, even if some of my clothes are a little to left of naughty. I made an executive decision the other day by having cherry pie (my favorite) for dinner and a hamburger for dessert. Love making those decisions! It's good to have choices. What choices are you grateful to have?

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